Age Of Amazons, Episode 2

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UPDATE DVD finally official release date available 15th, March ! Link on bottom of this article !!

Not really fresh news, but now I begin news about movies about babes present in DW !!
I begin by lovely Sandra !!
And yes Sandra appear in the second chapter of Age of Amazon, product by Claudia Bluebell & Andrew Matis and Directing by Andrew Matis !!
Release Date during September 2006 !!!
This picture taken during fight training for this movie !
I'm sure Sandra & Claudia have a nice issue after this fighting :]
So, if you want more information about this movies you can find more pictures on this forum thread Claudia Bluebell Forum Free Registration !
You can see some backstage pictures in official information page for this movie here: DarkCherub
In the same time, I update the Sandra Shine Filmography

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