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I want explain to all people come here what sort of work behind making filmography here and perhaps you can understand why I can be more complete to other websites and can take big time for assure a really nice work !!
I can assure you, if the movie about models present in DW filmography, you find this model if not or if I have doubt you see in Need Confirm List and Carefull part !

Visit DVD reseller !! Why ?? Because more best for complete filmography and it's in the interest of the reseller that the actresses IS WELL in the dvd !
By this way I can make more trust about this websites !
Which are these Web sites ? Depend the actresses, but generally I see without order:
http://www.adultdvdempire.com (affiliate with DW)
http://www.adultvideouniverse.com (affiliate with DW)

After if I want more search and perhaps find other stuff I visit european website without order:
http://www.xodvds.com (affiliate with DW)
And some other but not really important !!

After that If I have doubt about movies, I see in reviews websites:

And dataBase:

and finally, yeah google you always find something for confirm information

The problem for all websites Reseller, Reviews, database, you can never find a complete or really up to date information !!
Some of this website make many mistake too ! And perhaps if you follow this information you can engage you in bad surprise !
That's why I open Dreamingwith and I try give you a quality working and make for you the best resume about what you can find in all this websites !!!
Oohhh, why imdb at last :] Yeah since the debut I see porn filmography in this website I find always some mistake inside and we can't trust about this website !
I think imdb must stay in classic actors, really !!

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